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Taxonomic Resources and Expertise in the NAS countries

The Fauna Europaea project has been extended from the fall of 2002 with the NAS countries. In 2002 the NAS countries were the Newly Associated States to the European Union to be, and from May 1st 2004 they have gotten the status of countries associated to the European Union, except for Romania and Bulgaria.

The taxonomic resources specifically relate to the resources collated by the NAS extension project members. The NAS resources are not included in the Fauna Europaea database, but are maintained in their own database in Bratislava. In the near future we expect to merge the taxonomic resources from the "mother" Fauna Europaea project with the NAS extension project. To search the NAS resources please click the link at the bottom of this page.

The information that can be searched:

  • the network of focal points in the NAS countries (the NAS focal points are also included in the focal point network page on this site)
  • data on institutes, societies, experts and taxonomic resources

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