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Focal Points


Fauna Europaea Focal Point Network

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Introduction to the Fauna Europaea Focal Points

Apart from the Fauna Europaea network of assigned taxonomic experts, responsible for making and keeping up-to-date the authorized European lists of taxonomic groups, good institutional relationships are required to support ‘regional/national validation’. Very often these are the institutes that are maintaining or hosting national checklists, or can provide access to information about experts and literature resources in the country. Such focal points are not necessarily identical with GBIF national nodes. GBIF national nodes are facilitating the international sharing of biodiversity data. FaEu focal points are the institutes that bring together the expertise and taxonomic information about the national fauna. The network of FaEu focal points will also promote issues such as best practice and common standards in checklist development.

NAS Focal points

NAS Focal points already have a search service ready on the internet; the data from the non-NAS focal points will be added to this search service database.


Search service on experts, institutions, societies, taxonomic resources and focal points in newly associated countries

Please click for information on institutes that act as national focal point within the Fauna Europaea network.


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